Founded in 1933, Blitman & King LLP is a trusted partner and resource in the complex arena of workplace law, with specialties in four distinct practice areas:

Individual Employment: We stay ahead of the intricate and ever-evolving regulation of the workplace. The team's skill and expertise covers a broad range of employment issues, from providing advice to handling disputes. Our employment law group is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that protect your rights and ensure fair treatment in the workplace.

Union Labor: Our union law group is knowledgeable and experienced in assisting public and private sector labor unions navigate the complex issues at the heart of their relations with both management and their members. Blitman & King’s union law group is committed to empowering labor unions and their members with the legal support they need to negotiate collective agreements, address grievances, and advocate for better working conditions.

Employee Benefits: Our Employee Benefits Law Group is well versed in all aspects of employee benefits law, including qualified and nonqualified pension plans, medical and other ancillary benefits, tax-exemption matters, executive compensation arrangements and plan litigation. Our goal is to assist our clients with complex and significant benefit matters.

Workplace Litigation: From arbitrations, individual and collective litigation to government investigations, our litigation attorneys possess the extensive experience necessary to be successful in workplace litigation matters. Our goal is to assist our clients with complex and significant benefit matters.

Why Choose Our Law Group?

Workplace regulations are complex and can change; stay ahead of it all with Blitman & King LLP. Our knowledgeable staff provide specialized solutions that protect your rights and guarantee fair treatment, with experience in a wide range of employment-related matters. Within our employee benefits and union law group, our labor attorneys bring knowledge and experience to assist both public and private sector labor unions.