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Feb 22 2008

Bauman tapped to lead employee-benefits group at Blitman & King | Employment Law

Author(s): Blitman & King LLP

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Even after 75 years, Syracuse labor law firm Blitman & King, LLP has no trouble staying motivated, says Timothy Bauman, partner.

“If you take a breath, if you slow down, you will get surpassed in terms of your knowledge and expertise,” he says. “You can’t stop.”

Bauman took over Jan. 1 as chairman of Blitman’s employee-benefits practice. Ten of the firm’s 16 attorneys have significant employee-benefits practices, he adds, making the area a major part of the firm’s work.

Blitman & King also works on general labor and employment issues and works extensively with unions. In fact, the law firm’s work with the labor movement early in its history helped lead to the strong employee-benefits practice it has today, Bauman says.

The firm was helping unions and employers design benefit plans long before the federal government came to regulate them, he says. Today, Blitman & King represents more than 100 benefit plans. Some are the result of collective bargaining, known as Taft-Hartley plans. Others are single-sponsor plans, run by large employers.

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