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Mar 5 2014

Private Sector Bargaining | Employment Law

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Private Sector Bargaining

Nov 26 2013
Kenneth Wagner

Our Deal Trumps My Bargaining Rights Only if I Said So | Employment Law

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The National Labor Relations Board (Board or NLRB) has applied its “clear and unmistakable” waiver standard in unilateral change cases for several decades.

Jan 26 2012

Blitman & King’s 22nd Annual Labor & Employment Law Seminar | Labor Relations

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On March 26, 2012, Blitman and King LLP will sponsor its 22nd Annual Labor & Employment Law Seminar. The main focus of this seminar will be on labor law related topics including concerted activity, public sector updates, private sector bargaining, construction industry developments and prevailing wage issues. The seminar will also include Employment Law and Employee Benefits Breakout Sessions. The Employee Benefits Breakout Session is aimed at union officers who also serve as Trustees of associated multiemployer pension, welfare and annuity plans. For more information on this seminar,

Mar 5 2011

2011 Labor & Employment Law Seminar

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