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Mar 10 2012

CUEd In: Volume II, Issue 1 – March 2012

With the release of this issue, CUEd In celebrates the one-year anniversary of its inaugural issue and we want to thank you for reading our guide to the law and business of employee benefits for credit union executives. Over the course of the past year we’ve enjoyed educating executives of credit unions about key employment and employee benefit matters. We enjoy receiving your feedback and comments, as well as topics that may interest you for future articles, so please feel free to continue to contact us at cuedin@bklawyers.com.

In this issue, we spotlight a case involving an executive that rose through the ranks to senior management and following a merger resigned only to be denied benefits due under her employment and incentive agreements. In this case, the court takes aim at the Board’s process of reviewing the executive’s claim for benefits, which included a biased investigation conducted by the Board’s outside counsel.

We also highlight how important it is for federal credit union executives to understand technical timing requirements contained in deferred compensation plans including, but not limited to, split-dollar life insurance arrangements. The case we examine illustrates the lost opportunity of an executive to secure a future death benefit payment based on a failure to comply with the terms of the deferred compensation agreements at issue.

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Volume II, Issue 1