Long Island

Employment Lawyers Long Island NY

Long Island, the 11th largest island in the United States and the most populated island in any U.S. state or territory, is home to a workforce that faces a diverse range of employment law issues that Blitman & King’s

employment lawyers in Long Island

have extensive experience in managing. A recent study of Nassau and Suffolk Counties highlighted seventeen industries that are significant to Long Island including:

  • merchant wholesalers of durable goods involving professional and sales positions with technical expertise in medical equipment, electronics and communications equipment;
  • merchant wholesalers of nondurable goods including professional and sales positions with technical expertise in pharmaceuticals;
  • financial services and activities such as credit union and bank executives and employees, mortgage brokers, loan officers and underwriters of annuities and insurance policies;
  • professional and business services such as research and development laboratories, computer systems design, engineering consulting, accounting and legal services;
  • health care services such as doctors, nurse practitioners, skilled nurses, health aids, hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities;
  • leisure and hospitality services such chefs, head waiters, restaurant managers, waitresses and waiters, hostesses, catering service managers and event planners;
  • manufacturing of biotech, pharmaceutical drugs and related chemicals, fabricated metal products, computer and electronic products, transportation equipment; and
  • specialty trade construction such as electricians, iron workers, plumbers and other skilled trades.

These industries shape the employment law matters we handle on behalf of our clients in Nassau County and Suffolk County. For example, our employment lawyers in Long Island have addressed wage and hour, contract negotiations, geographical restrictions, restrictive covenants, severance and other employee law related matters on behalf of sales personal, such as pharmaceutical sales representatives and medical equipment sales representatives, marketing executives and computer and technology personnel. In addition, our employment practice is well versed at handling the entry and exit of medical doctors from a medical practice including the associated non-competition and restrictive covenants as well as counseling nurses and other health care employees on highly-sensitive issues such as fraud against the government.