The Law and Business of Employee Benefits for Credit Union Executives

We at Blitman & King are seeing complex, cutting-edge legal issues arising from the global fight for executive talent and the search for new or expanded financial services. In an effort to stay on top of these employee benefits and employment issues faced by credit union executives, as well as credit unions as institutions, we launched a newsletter for credit union executives—“CUEd In”—devoted to the law and business of employee benefits and employment law. Through CUEd In, we intend to address the shortage of expertise and information available to credit union executives on high-level employee benefits and employment related matters.

Click on the below images to view current and past issues of CUEd In. If you wish to have future issues of CUEd In electronically delivered straight to your inbox, please send an email to cuedin@bklawyers.com.

Welcome to Blitman & King and CUEd In.

Current Issue

CUEd In March 2013
Volume III, Issue 1
March 2013

Past Issues

CUEd In December 2012
Volume II, Issue 4
December 2012

CUEd In September 2012
Volume II, Issue 3
September 2012

CUEd In June 2012
Volume II, Issue 2
June 2012

CUEd In March 2012
Volume II, Issue 1
March 2012

CUEd In December 2011
Volume 1, Issue 4
Dec. 2011

CUEd In June 2011
Volume 1, Issue 3
June 2011

CUEd In June 2011
Volume 1, Issue 2
June 2011

CUEd In March 2011
Volume 1, Issue 1
March 2011